The Big Move is Today!


Tonight I am officially making the move to my new apartment in Manhattan! I am so excited to finally get settled and start building a new network in the city (and decorating the apartment).

It has been a very limbo-ish couple of weeks as I transitioned from physical to online schooling to finish out my freshman year and some days it felt like I would be stuck for, well, forever. However, I am so pleased to announce that I have everything packed and I am ready to head out!

I have two job interviews this week…send good energy! I’ll need it. Although I have experience in the field, I am still a ball of nervous excitement as I prepare to go through the process to land a new job.

My brother and I ordered take out last night to celebrate the move and my fortune read “New and exciting opportunities are very near for you.”, which was an awesome thing to get in my fortune cookie!

Until next time (from my new apartment!!),