Craziness and Chaos


I am so excited to (finally) be unpacked and settled into my precious apartment in Central Harlem! The neighborhood is so cool and I am in love already. The past five days have been full of activity as I jumped from job interview to job interview, met with internship directors, unpacked, and began to figure out the subways.

They say the best way to learn is to throw yourself into it. After my phone died on my way to lunch in midtown on Friday and I had no idea how to get to the restaurant, the subway or to my apartment from the subway I have definitely learned firsthand some more geography of this beautiful city.

I took a little on-the-side job working at a flower shop downtown for Valentine’s Day week as the influx of orders is apparently unimaginable. I am so excited! I love flowers and since I’m single this Valentine’s Day I’m using the opportunity to put some good karma out into the universe and help happy couples.

Hoping to have lots of good news this week so keep your fingers crossed for me and I will have a much more interesting, content related post up in the next two days!

Until next time,