Hey guys! So, I have FINALLY put together my review of some of the Kylie Cosmetics Matte Lipkits! These lip kits are hunger-games-cornycopia hard to get and I’m coasting on a college student’s budget so it took me forever to collect even just four of them! However, here is my review of: KOKO K, CANDY K, TRUE BROWN K, and MARY JO K.

The cost of one kit is $29 (+ $8 for S&H). I recommend setting aside money and buying all of the ones you want at once, to save yourself from having to spend the extra 8 dollars every time you order (like I did).  Each kit comes with one lip liner and one liquid lipstick. She [Kylie] announces her restock date and time on her app, KYLIE. You order them from where they sell out in minutes, so you have to be on the website ready to go at launch time!

The shipping process was very straight forward and quick. All in all, I received each kit in five days or less. It’s about three days to process and two days to ship, and I live on the other side of the country. I was impressed that there were no delays or issues with any of the orders I made.

First thing I noticed was the packaging (obviously). The packaging on the kits is so simple and cute. The drip design wraps around the delivery box as well as the liner and lipstick bottle. It’s simple, makes a statement, and so very “Kylie”. Each kit comes in its own individual box donned with her lip logo and grills, with the sides of the box colored to match the kit on the inside, and the kit name on the top opening flap.

  The formula of the lip liner is very velvety and creamy. You do not need to apply a lot of pressure when putting it on your lips. I tend to over line my lips just a smidge and these liners make it very easy to do so. The pencil can be sharpened with a regular beauty sharpener.

The formula for the liquid lipsticks smells like sweet birthday cake, which I don’t mind but  also would be okay without. The liquid lipstick is very opaque, one applicator’s worth is plenty enough for an entire application. Do not put more than one layer of the liquid lipstick on, as that can cause cracking. The applicator is a standard doe foot, which I find is excellent for helping get a really even application of the product. The liquid lipstick dries matte in seconds and then you are ready to go.

Now, for the best part; swatches! Top to bottom is: KOKO K, CANDY K, TRUE BROWN K, and MARY JO K. 

Overall, I am more than impressed with these lipkits. I have to hand it to the youngest Jenner, these are truly a high-quality product. They last for hours, do not get patchy, and the colors are universally great on everyone. Not to mention, the products are cruelty free!   I am excited to watch her cosmetics line expand, and to grab more of her products!

Until next time.