Hey guys! Since I put up my Kylie Cosmetics review, I wanted to also do a follow-up post about lip care because matte liquid lipsticks can be so taxing on your lips.

Lip balm is your best friend. It should already be one of your buddies but, if you’re frequently putting mattes/liquid mattes on your lips, you need to compensate for all of the moisture leaving your lips by applying lip balm when you’re not wearing it! I like to put on some rosebud salve before bed every night, every morning after I brush my teeth, and any time I’m not wearing lipstick.

Exfoliate your lips. I use my Lush Cosmetics sugar lip scrub (it’s edible, yum!) in the flavor Mint Julips. Exfoliating helps give you a soft, even lip to apply your lipstick to and also helps make sure your lip balm is getting on fresh, happy skin! Simply rub the scrub on your lips, lick it off (yum pt. 2), and then put balm on! I exfoliate probably every other day but, more frequently if I’m wearing lipstick a lot that week.

Stay hydrated! The first place dehydration will show is on your lips. Drink lots of water to keep lines away and your lips plump and happy.

Until next time.