Weekend On Instagram | 5.15.16


I hope you all had a relaxing weekend! My work schedule was really light so I had a lot of time to relax and explore. No matter how comfortable I am here, I love that there is still always a new place to see. 

I recently started to build an Instagram for this blog, in hopes of adding a more visual component to it. And to introduce the Instagram, I figured I would show you all my weekend through my Instagram! @ontherocks.me

First, I took a trip down to the West Village to CHALAIT to try their matcha iced latte. I had never had matcha before and was so excited to finally try it. It was well worth the trip. My friend grabbed a latte as well and raved about it all afternoon. 

We walked around West Village for a while until the weather turned a bit stormy and I headed home to relax and do some work. 

Next, Sunday morning I woke up and headed straight out to meet a friend for coffee down in the East Village. I hardly ever spend time downtown, as most of my life is uptown but, it was so fun to get out of the rut. I was running a little late so I threw on my Birkenstocks thinking that it was sunny and warm. I was so wrong! But, I was already running late so I just stuck it out. 

We headed for The Coffee Project on 2nd Ave & E 5th St. They are famous for their Deconstructed Latte, which I’ve had before and love. This time I tried their cold brew Nitrus Flight. The coffee is affordable, excellent, and the baristas rock. We grabbed turkey and ham croissants as well for a nice brunch. 

Lastly, I came home and drew a bath for myself on Sunday while I had a couple of hours before heading to work. I used my Guardian of the Forest bath bomb which smells like green tea. I relaxed a while before heading into work. 

Be sure to follow Instagram @ontherocks.me for all of the on-the-go snaps of life! 

Until next time.