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REVIEW: Lush Cosmetics Shampoo Bar 

Hey guys! Today I’m reviewing one of the Lush Cosmetics shampoo bars: Montalbano! As you know, I work for Lush and so I’ve been eyeing the shampoo bars for some time now. 

The other day on my way out I decided to pick one up and give it a go in honor of Earth Day! Making shampoo bars versus bottled liquids help save 118,000 gallons of water each year. (They are also EXCELLENT for travel, as they are a solid product. Lush even sells tins that fit the bars!) 

These little genius bars retail at $10.95 USD and come in a variety of scents/styles. You get anywhere from 60-90 washes depending on variables such as how much you use, length, and thickness of your hair amoung others. 

 I chose Montalbano because of the Scilian lemon oil and green olives, which together will strengthen my hair and give it fantastic shine! (I am also obsessed with all things lemon scented). It is a deep cleansing shampoo bar. There is also Rosemary in this bar to keep your scalp soothed. Montalbano is VEGAN. 



How to use: Simply wet your hair, run the bar under some water to get it sudsy and work onto your head to get your desired lather going. Then use your hands to massage the lather into your scalp. It is VERY important that you keep the bar out of the water when you aren’t using it, to help keep from product melting away unnecessarily. Then, rinse out the shampoo! 

I am BEYOND impressed with this product. I loved the lather, the price point is excellent for 60-90 washes, and it made a noticeable difference to the shine and strength of my hair. I have been completely converted to shampoo bars and don’t see myself ever going back. 10/10, would recommend to anyone and everyone. 

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Hey guys! Since I put up my Kylie Cosmetics review, I wanted to also do a follow-up post about lip care because matte liquid lipsticks can be so taxing on your lips.

Lip balm is your best friend. It should already be one of your buddies but, if you’re frequently putting mattes/liquid mattes on your lips, you need to compensate for all of the moisture leaving your lips by applying lip balm when you’re not wearing it! I like to put on some rosebud salve before bed every night, every morning after I brush my teeth, and any time I’m not wearing lipstick.

Exfoliate your lips. I use my Lush Cosmetics sugar lip scrub (it’s edible, yum!) in the flavor Mint Julips. Exfoliating helps give you a soft, even lip to apply your lipstick to and also helps make sure your lip balm is getting on fresh, happy skin! Simply rub the scrub on your lips, lick it off (yum pt. 2), and then put balm on! I exfoliate probably every other day but, more frequently if I’m wearing lipstick a lot that week.

Stay hydrated! The first place dehydration will show is on your lips. Drink lots of water to keep lines away and your lips plump and happy.

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Hey guys! So, I have FINALLY put together my review of some of the Kylie Cosmetics Matte Lipkits! These lip kits are hunger-games-cornycopia hard to get and I’m coasting on a college student’s budget so it took me forever to collect even just four of them! However, here is my review of: KOKO K, CANDY K, TRUE BROWN K, and MARY JO K.

The cost of one kit is $29 (+ $8 for S&H). I recommend setting aside money and buying all of the ones you want at once, to save yourself from having to spend the extra 8 dollars every time you order (like I did).  Each kit comes with one lip liner and one liquid lipstick. She [Kylie] announces her restock date and time on her app, KYLIE. You order them from kyliecosmetics.com where they sell out in minutes, so you have to be on the website ready to go at launch time!

The shipping process was very straight forward and quick. All in all, I received each kit in five days or less. It’s about three days to process and two days to ship, and I live on the other side of the country. I was impressed that there were no delays or issues with any of the orders I made.

First thing I noticed was the packaging (obviously). The packaging on the kits is so simple and cute. The drip design wraps around the delivery box as well as the liner and lipstick bottle. It’s simple, makes a statement, and so very “Kylie”. Each kit comes in its own individual box donned with her lip logo and grills, with the sides of the box colored to match the kit on the inside, and the kit name on the top opening flap.

  The formula of the lip liner is very velvety and creamy. You do not need to apply a lot of pressure when putting it on your lips. I tend to over line my lips just a smidge and these liners make it very easy to do so. The pencil can be sharpened with a regular beauty sharpener.

The formula for the liquid lipsticks smells like sweet birthday cake, which I don’t mind but  also would be okay without. The liquid lipstick is very opaque, one applicator’s worth is plenty enough for an entire application. Do not put more than one layer of the liquid lipstick on, as that can cause cracking. The applicator is a standard doe foot, which I find is excellent for helping get a really even application of the product. The liquid lipstick dries matte in seconds and then you are ready to go.

Now, for the best part; swatches! Top to bottom is: KOKO K, CANDY K, TRUE BROWN K, and MARY JO K. 

Overall, I am more than impressed with these lipkits. I have to hand it to the youngest Jenner, these are truly a high-quality product. They last for hours, do not get patchy, and the colors are universally great on everyone. Not to mention, the products are cruelty free!   I am excited to watch her cosmetics line expand, and to grab more of her products!

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LUSH Cosmetics Haul

So, now that I am a couple of weeks in I can officially announce I am a Lushie! I am a Lush Sales Ambassador and yesterday I splurged on some new stuff for myself to get more familiar with the products and because, how could I not? Everything in the store is so incredible and smells amazing and it’s all 100% vegetarian and NO ANIMAL TESTING. Lush is known for their ethical buying and campaigning which means, it’s good for your skin and your soul!

Here are some of the lovely goodies I got:

Angels on Bare Skin Face and Body Cleanser: This cleanser is a gentle, everyday product with a little bit of exfoliation. The lavender soothes and evens out skin tone while the ground almond acts as an exfoliator. It smells of lavender and is so amazing. (This cleanser is vegan.)

Eau Roma Toner Water: I like a lot of overlap in ingredients in my routine, and since Eau Roma Water has both lavender and rose, it’s the perfect next step! Toner helps skin to absorb moisturizer, and can double as a makeup setting spray. (This toner water is vegan.)

Imperialis Facial Moisturizer: Continuing on with more lavender is this gorgeous moisturizer. Lavender, orange blossom water, organic extra virgin olive oil, shea butter, fair trade organic cocoa butter, and so many other lovely things are packed into this moisturizer. It’s great for skin with a “split personality”. It is light and perfect to keep your face happy.

The Olive Branch Shower Gel: This shower gel features extra virgin olive oil that is made at a co-op of Palestinian and Isreali women working together. It is very softening and moisturizing but, also has cleansing fresh mandarin juice and sea salt. It really is a little trip to the Mediterranean packed into the bottle.

Buffy Body Butter: Buffy is a favorite for Lush customers. Ground almonds act as a gentle exfoliant while the Fair Trade Cocoa Butter along with lots of other butters and oils get in to your skin to leave you moisturized before you get out of the shower.

Charity Pot Body Lotion: Charity Pot is one of my favorite things in the store. 100% of the proceeds of Charity Pot go to grassroots charities all over the world. Lush believes it is so important to give back and help those we can and Charity Pot is one of the prime examples of that. Rich in butters and oils, it will leave you moisturized and feeling good. A little bit goes a long way, so one of these pots will last you forever.

Hand of Friendship Hand and Body Soap: This soap is part of the current campaign Lush is promoting. We are looking to raise money to benefit and aid Syrian refugees coming into the United States. This soap smells of almond and cherry and is going to an excellent cause. If you are near a Lush I recommend you go in a pick up a piece of this soap before it is gone.

Hope you enjoyed these goodies! I know I will.

Until next time,

xoxo Kat



Everyday Essentials: Valentine’s Edition

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The most famous Hallmark holiday of the year. My favorite part? February 15th; when all of the yummy chocolate goes on sale.

As we get ready for this year’s flood of roses, dinner dates, and mushy romance movies (or if you’re me, rom-coms & thai take out for one) these are my rosey hued must-haves hanging out in my purse!


Mario Badescu Facial Spray (with aloe, herbs, & rosewater)

I’ve been on the fence about buying this spray for MONTHS. I am so indecisive when it comes to these extra face products because I hate wasting money on cosmetics that don’t work because there’s no alternative use for them! But, after only a few days I can already see a difference in my skin. My skin tone is more even, blemishes are reduced, and my skin smells amazing.

C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve

My cuticles SUCK, I have wicked dry lips, my elbows are dry like the Sahara… the list goes on and on. Winter is vicious on my skin and this Rose Salve is my savior for all things skin care.

Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in “Ruby”

My old boss gave this to me as a Christmas gift last year and it is a staple in my makeup bag. I have this with me whether I’m running out for coffee or traveling internationally. Despite the rose filter, this is the PERFECT true red. It is well pigmented and not sticky; two super important basic lip gloss requirements. The perfect accessory for dinner out on Valentine’s Day? A fierce red lip.

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Raspberry Baton

The last time I was abroad, my genius travel partner (Hey Mackenzie!) brought one of these in her carry-on. We ended up eating it on the road one day in just under two seconds. These are the most delicious pieces of chocolate ever, and let’s be real who isn’t addicted to Trader Joe’s? If you’ve never been, get there. I waited in a 15 minute grocery line on the UWS just to get three of these chocolate goodies. Best part? They’re 99 cents a piece (and perfect to snack on while you watch The Notebook on Feb 14th).

Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelée

I got this as a part of a gift set of mini/sample sized Josie Maran products. I love Josie Maran cosmetics and this cheek gel is such a cool product that I totally wouldn’t have tried otherwise but I’m now in love. It’s the perfect pink for pretty much any skin tone, is very light and not sticky, plus I’ve doubled its uses by using it as a lip tint when I’m going for the “no makeup” makeup.

These are all of the essentials for the season of Saint Valentine, whether you’re off to a date, a drink with friends, or a solid night at home.

Until next time,