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Brunch Review: Poco on Avenue B

Ahhhh brunch, my favorite time of the week. A time filled with bubbly, benedict, & ….. friends? (what’s a good b word to tack on? Bitches, maybe? Haha!) Anyway, this week my tastebuds took a trip to Alphabet City to try to the $30 Bottomless Boozy Brunch hosted every Friday-Sunday by Poco, a local Tapas Bar.


Immediately on walking in you are greeted with a very rustic-meets-industrial vibe that is very clean, current, and pleasing on the eyes. I had been told to definitely make a reservation but because it was noon on a snowy Friday, it was a bit less crowded than a weekend.

We got strawberry mimosas, mango mimosas, the “Poco Benedict”, and “Lobster Benedict”. The $30 cost is a flat fee that covers endless drinks and they were delicious! Appropriately strong but, mixed very well and tasted fantastic. There were other mimosa options and sangrias available but, we were so happy with what we got that we stuck to them! They were very good about re-filling our glasses as well, super on top of it.

Each of the plates came with a side of potatoes as well as a house salad. The “Poco Benedict” is chorizo, manchego cheese and poached eggs on arepa (made of ground maize dough or cooked flour) with pimento hollandaise. The “Lobster Benedict” is fresh lobster and poached eggs on arepa with pimento hollandaise. These dishes were so good I’ll have dreams about them for weeks (or until I head back). Served quickly, hot, and fresh as could be these plates were well worth the trip from Harlem to Alphabet City.

We were not rushed to leave, and felt very comfortable sitting and chatting with our drinks after they cleared our plates. Servers were friendly, attentive but not overbearing, and I couldn’t have asked for a more relaxing and enjoyable brunch. Coming back as soon as I can!

Hope you all enjoyed this review!

Until next time.