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Life Update

Hey everyone! 

I haven’t posted in so long because I’ve been crazy busy! But I wanted to give you a little update about what I’ve been up to. Besides being at Lush and working there (which is so bomb, product reviews are coming!) I’ve been selling old, loved clothing/shoes/accessories and more on Poshmark! 

Poshmark is a resell website that is SO easy to use, you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried it before. All you do is: 1. List your item, 2. Ship your item (they pay for shipping), and 3. Earn cash! 

Use the code JGVEF when you sign up for a $10 credit right away! There are excellent finds from high end brands like Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, and more. I can’t stress how easy this website is! Not to mention, resell and shopping resell is a very green practice.  


Be sure to check out my closet as well, I have brands like Free People, TOMS, and LeSportsac in my closet. 
Check back soon for product reviews and other exciting things! I finally got a new memory card for my camera so I can really get down to making quality posts with solid pictures (and maybe videos)! 

Until next time, 



My new (and TOTALLY affordable) bag

I can’t convince myself to spend more than (maybe) $100 on a bag. I beat the crap out of my bags. I take them everywhere, throw all sorts of stuff in them, and they are all definitely well loved by the end of their lives.

With that being said, I don’t sacrifice on style. I practice the art of making my stuff look very expensive but, in reality, ballin’ on a budget (aka BOB).

I picked up this cute small-medium sized double zip cross body bag at Forever 21 yesterday. It was about $22 (plus tax), and I am in love. It’s the perfect size to fit my wallet and even a small notepad. It has zippers on both sides that can be opened, which is awesome when I need to whip out my metro card! There is a small handle as well as the cross body strap, giving me options on how to wear it. I am truly a fan of Forever 21’s bags because I think they do a great job of creating fashion forward accessories for young people BOB and for people who are looking to expand their bag collection but are not ready to make the commitment of a designer bag.

I have to apologize for my weak photo game, I have been crazy busy this week but wanted to be sure I got this post up for you all!

Until next time,


The Best Wardrobe Basics

I spend a ton of time on Pinterest. I love to keep up with street style and always use it for great travel tips. Part of what happens when looking at style is the flood of “wardrobe basics” that I couldn’t run from if I tried. When I look I always see lots of sensible pieces but not always things I really need. So, I’ve decided to add to the list of people who claim they know the wardrobe essentials of every woman because I can tell you right now I wear every single one of these things at least once a week, and my wardrobe would suffer without them.

My LBT (little black tee) is that random clothing line from Target. I bought it for $8 and it has served me well over the last year and a half. I can throw it on alone with jeans and a necklace for a casual night out or use it to layer with a sweater or button down. Black is definitely my most preferred color and so I have this tee with me always.

Next up is my BDG flannel from Urban Outfitters. A flannel rarely ever makes it into the rotation for these kinds of posts but, I think it should be a staple for everyone. I wear my flannel to class, when I run errands, having coffee with my friends, and pretty much any other casual to-do on my list. It’s an easy to wear, always comfortable closet staple you can wear basically anywhere.

I hope everyone finds their holy grail brand of jeans. Mine is J Brand. Comfortable, already the right length on me, & long lasting; J Brand is the most amazing brand of jeans. I have a hi-rise dark wash pair of J Brand jeans that have been all over the world with me. They match everything, fit every occasion, and are made to last. A solid, dependable jean that makes you feel good, what more could you ask for?

For the sweater, I stand by it being specifically a grey sweater. A nice grey exudes elegance and high fashion (+ it matches all of my black). A solid sweater is a necessity. Throw on a necklace and nice jeans for dinner, or leggings and tennis shoes for a put-together errands run. I wear my favorite sweater from my favorite boutique at home every chance I can. It’s an adorable, comfortable piece of home.

A black casual skirt to throw on with a v neck for a casual brunch or visit home. It’s a new addition to my closet and it’s already become a staple I will always have in my suitcase wherever I go.

Ahhh, the classic black flat. I was so convinced heading to university that I didn’t need a pair because, you know, it’s college and all anyone does is wear sweatpants blah blah blah. WRONG. There were at least three presentations and two appointments where I had to go running to all of my friends because I didn’t have a “business casual” shoe. So, they’ve been added back on to my list.

A white cami is kind of self explanatory. It’s the master defeater of all unflatteringly see through shirts.

A low black bootie is my everything. Living in Manhattan I have had to seriously step up with my everyday wear because everyone always looks put together. The black bootie is the perfect shoe to keep everything looking polished and completed. The perfect adult every day shoe.

For accessories, I am lumping a black baseball cap and a scarf together. They are equally important to my wardrobe. I can’t imagine not having a scarf living through a winter in the northeast. Frankly, I hate doing my hair. It’s a ton of effort to go grab a coffee or walk around the city. So, a solid baseball cap is the perfect throw on (mine is from Urban Outfitters) that helps you rock the athleisure look.

And there you have it! This is the be-all end-all list of things I could never live without. No matter where I am, you will find these things in my closet!

Until next time,