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Weekend On Instagram | 5.15.16

I hope you all had a relaxing weekend! My work schedule was really light so I had a lot of time to relax and explore. No matter how comfortable I am here, I love that there is still always a new place to see. 

I recently started to build an Instagram for this blog, in hopes of adding a more visual component to it. And to introduce the Instagram, I figured I would show you all my weekend through my Instagram! @ontherocks.me

First, I took a trip down to the West Village to CHALAIT to try their matcha iced latte. I had never had matcha before and was so excited to finally try it. It was well worth the trip. My friend grabbed a latte as well and raved about it all afternoon. 

We walked around West Village for a while until the weather turned a bit stormy and I headed home to relax and do some work. 

Next, Sunday morning I woke up and headed straight out to meet a friend for coffee down in the East Village. I hardly ever spend time downtown, as most of my life is uptown but, it was so fun to get out of the rut. I was running a little late so I threw on my Birkenstocks thinking that it was sunny and warm. I was so wrong! But, I was already running late so I just stuck it out. 

We headed for The Coffee Project on 2nd Ave & E 5th St. They are famous for their Deconstructed Latte, which I’ve had before and love. This time I tried their cold brew Nitrus Flight. The coffee is affordable, excellent, and the baristas rock. We grabbed turkey and ham croissants as well for a nice brunch. 

Lastly, I came home and drew a bath for myself on Sunday while I had a couple of hours before heading to work. I used my Guardian of the Forest bath bomb which smells like green tea. I relaxed a while before heading into work. 

Be sure to follow Instagram @ontherocks.me for all of the on-the-go snaps of life! 

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Hey guys! Since I put up my Kylie Cosmetics review, I wanted to also do a follow-up post about lip care because matte liquid lipsticks can be so taxing on your lips.

Lip balm is your best friend. It should already be one of your buddies but, if you’re frequently putting mattes/liquid mattes on your lips, you need to compensate for all of the moisture leaving your lips by applying lip balm when you’re not wearing it! I like to put on some rosebud salve before bed every night, every morning after I brush my teeth, and any time I’m not wearing lipstick.

Exfoliate your lips. I use my Lush Cosmetics sugar lip scrub (it’s edible, yum!) in the flavor Mint Julips. Exfoliating helps give you a soft, even lip to apply your lipstick to and also helps make sure your lip balm is getting on fresh, happy skin! Simply rub the scrub on your lips, lick it off (yum pt. 2), and then put balm on! I exfoliate probably every other day but, more frequently if I’m wearing lipstick a lot that week.

Stay hydrated! The first place dehydration will show is on your lips. Drink lots of water to keep lines away and your lips plump and happy.

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Morning Views…


The Coffee Project (New York, New York)

Everyday Essentials: Valentine’s Edition

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The most famous Hallmark holiday of the year. My favorite part? February 15th; when all of the yummy chocolate goes on sale.

As we get ready for this year’s flood of roses, dinner dates, and mushy romance movies (or if you’re me, rom-coms & thai take out for one) these are my rosey hued must-haves hanging out in my purse!


Mario Badescu Facial Spray (with aloe, herbs, & rosewater)

I’ve been on the fence about buying this spray for MONTHS. I am so indecisive when it comes to these extra face products because I hate wasting money on cosmetics that don’t work because there’s no alternative use for them! But, after only a few days I can already see a difference in my skin. My skin tone is more even, blemishes are reduced, and my skin smells amazing.

C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve

My cuticles SUCK, I have wicked dry lips, my elbows are dry like the Sahara… the list goes on and on. Winter is vicious on my skin and this Rose Salve is my savior for all things skin care.

Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in “Ruby”

My old boss gave this to me as a Christmas gift last year and it is a staple in my makeup bag. I have this with me whether I’m running out for coffee or traveling internationally. Despite the rose filter, this is the PERFECT true red. It is well pigmented and not sticky; two super important basic lip gloss requirements. The perfect accessory for dinner out on Valentine’s Day? A fierce red lip.

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Raspberry Baton

The last time I was abroad, my genius travel partner (Hey Mackenzie!) brought one of these in her carry-on. We ended up eating it on the road one day in just under two seconds. These are the most delicious pieces of chocolate ever, and let’s be real who isn’t addicted to Trader Joe’s? If you’ve never been, get there. I waited in a 15 minute grocery line on the UWS just to get three of these chocolate goodies. Best part? They’re 99 cents a piece (and perfect to snack on while you watch The Notebook on Feb 14th).

Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelée

I got this as a part of a gift set of mini/sample sized Josie Maran products. I love Josie Maran cosmetics and this cheek gel is such a cool product that I totally wouldn’t have tried otherwise but I’m now in love. It’s the perfect pink for pretty much any skin tone, is very light and not sticky, plus I’ve doubled its uses by using it as a lip tint when I’m going for the “no makeup” makeup.

These are all of the essentials for the season of Saint Valentine, whether you’re off to a date, a drink with friends, or a solid night at home.

Until next time,